Greetings and welcome to all future QCWA members!

It has been said more times than not how awkward it is for Canadian radio amateurs to join up with the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) here in Canada. QCWA Wild Rose Chapter 151 decided to change all this and now provide an easier method we call the "One Step" membership application form.

Since it is a requirement to be a current member of QCWA International, before being eligible to join a recognized QCWA Chapter, this required filing multiple application forms. To make this process much less complicated Wild Rose Chapter 151 chose to develop an easier method. Print and fill out this "One Step" form (dial-up accounts please be patient while document downloads) and mail to the above address on the form. PLEASE NOTE: Before Printing Out the Application Form - please set up the "Page Setup" in Microsoft Word to the following margins. Top: .5", Bottom: .5", Left: .6" and Right: .6". This will allow the form to be printed on one page.

If you already are a member of QCWA International and wish to join Wild Rose Chapter 151 then print and fill out this application form.

Again - welcome! If there are any other questions don't hesitate to contact the Wild Rose Chapter 151 Executive.

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