Have you been licensed for 25 years or more? If so, this is a perfect opportunity for you to join in with other "like minded" Amateurs who have been licensed for quarter of a century.

Twenty-five years is a significant milestone in your amateur radio activities. You have now earned the privilege to become aligned with many other well known radio amateurs who have enjoyed a very glamourous life in radio. The adventures of these folks are part of the radio history many of us enjoy and read about today. For example former QCWA member Leo Meyerson, W0GFQ (SK), pioneered radio in the early days and started World Radio Laboratories in the early 1930s. In 1962 he also formed a manufacturing firm called Galxay Electronics. Remember the Galaxy line?

This is just one of many well known Amateurs you could be brushing shoulders with as you make your travels to hamfests or the many QCWA Chapter meetings throughout North America. For more information visit:

Information On How To Join

or follow some of the other links below to learn more about the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA).

And finally - if you do plan to join QCWA, thank you for your possible consideration in making Wild Rose Chapter 151 your chapter of choice.

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