Crossing the border is not difficult if you carry the correct documentation. The following guidelines should make your border crossing effortless.

1. Have a picture ID for each member of your family over 16 years of age.

2. Have your Birth Certificate with you to show citizenship.

3. Passports are NOT required for travel to Canada (until December 31, 2006) but is nice to have.

4. ID required for crossing - a Drivers License (or other photo ID) and Birth Certificate.

5. Do not bring guns into Canada.

6. Do not bring large amounts of cash exceeding $10,000.

7. Do not bring a large amount of tobacco or alcohol products. It is best to buy these in Canada.

8. When filling out the answers to the questions on the Customs Form - the ideal answer to all questions is "NO" to large amounts of money, guns, tobacco, alcohol, etc. And make sure the answer "NO" is the truth! It is not worth facing the consequences.

9. If driving across the border check with your insurance broker that your car insurance is valid in Canada. You should also request a "Canadian Endorsement Certificate" from your insurer of proof. There should be no charge for this. You may be asked for this certificate at the border.

10. When travelling to a foreign country be sure to bring your medical insurance information with you.

11. If you plan to bring in radio equipment, laptop computers, expensive camera equipment, etc. it might be wise to fill out a form called "Certificate of Registration of Personal Effects Taken Abroad" This Form is # 4457. This form should be available on the US Customs web site. If it is not ask for it at US Customs or at the border crossing before leaving the US Customs area.

12. So you win the big prize at the banquet! What do you do with it at the border crossing? The best thing to do is declare it. Tell them you won it - after all that is exactly what happened. Truth is good! You are allowed a certain amount of duty-free goods given the amount of time of your stay.